Mission & Vision           

 The mission of the Islamic University of Minnesota is to provide quality, authentic, and relevant Islamic education that is  affordable for the general  public. 

  We accomplish this by following 5 guiding values:

1.    IUMN has a highly-qualified, dedicated faculty of scholars/professors in several branches of Islamic knowledge.

2.    Direct teaching is the core of IUMN’s methodology. Through our unique Musahaba methodology, students work with and observe scholars closely, to absorb not only knowledge, but also Islamic etiquette and ethics.

3.    IUMN’s distinguished scholars are deeply connected with the Muslim community in the West, which enables them to effectively relate to the challenges and aspirations of this community.

4.    IUMN offers flexible class schedules to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals as well as more traditional students.

5.    IUMN’s diverse student body enriches students’ learning experiences

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